Tara Plumbing

Special Needs Bathrooms

We design and install beautiful bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms for a variety of people with special needs. We have transformed bathrooms for clients who are elderly, infirm and disabled. Among our clients we have found solutions to the special problems of those with learning difficulties or challenging behaviour.

We liaise to find out what you need and what is difficult or wrong with standard bathrooms.

Your bathroom does not have to look institutional or bleak just because it is practical. You can have a functional bathroom with strong materials and safety features which is also visually appealing.

Like any of our clients you like your bathroom to be:

* Inviting and beautiful,

* A reflection of your good taste and style,

* Easy to clean,

* Easy to use.

We draw upon our experience of transforming such spaces. We have access to a huge range of products which might normally only be available to commercial business, institutions and hospitals. We are not constrained by using just one supplier.

Tyford are one of many companies who make modern looking bathroom fittings for some of our elderly and infirm customers.

The short film below shows a bath designed to suit all the family, however, we know many of our frail customers would find this too difficult and would prefer a shower.


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