Tara Plumbing

Project Management

We take responsibility for organising the whole job and communicating with all parties - the customer, the planning department, the architect, the structural engineer, the suppliers, any other interested parties if your building is of special interest (e.g. listed).

A complete kitchen or bathroom renovation involves many different skilled tradesmen, typically at least 5 experts in their fields, project management is crucial to getting the work done within the minimum timescale, to a high standard and on budget. This is all part of our service and included in the price.

To our customers a house renovation or extension may seem a far more difficult job than redesigning just one room. Yes it will take longer, cost more and there may be more tradesmen involved. Our project manager, however, uses the same skills and resources renovating one bathroom or your whole house, which includes a detailed knowledge of the construction industry and an excellent team of dependable tradesmen.

You may have already appointed your own architect or kitchen fitters, no problem we can work with them or employ our own if you prefer.  If we are taking a wall down to create that modern open plan feel we will bring in a structural engineer to advise on how to keep your building standing safely in the future.


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