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Many single story extensions are built to house bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms:

the very rooms that we usually design, renovate and create,

so it makes sense to talk to us first about any plans to extend your home as we bring the plumbing expertise necessary to make sure the work complies with Water Regulations.

~~ you may be surprised how many new bathroom installations we see that fall short of well established Water Regulations because they were not designed and installed by qualified professional plumbers. We also see extensions built by “have a go” builders that compromise the existing structure, for example impairing the working of existing ventilation or an existing flue. It is worth paying more to have your extension built safely in the first place.

We have built extensions, we have done the drawings, got the approvals, employed the structural engineer and the architect and brought all of our project management skills and our workforce to the task.

We always work with Building Control and we can arrange the Building Regulations approval for you.


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