Tara Plumbing


If you have bought an old dilapidated building and want to bring it into this century with new ensuites, a kitchen, changing the location of doors, taking down internal walls and a lot of decorating you can manage the project yourself. Hoping to get all the correct tradesmen on site when you need them.

Or you can employ Tara to do the whole job.

We employ all of the tradesmen you will need: plumber, carpenter, electrician, bricklayer, decorator, etc.

If one tradesman lets us down, perhaps due to ill health, we do not let the work grind to a halt at great inconvenience and expense. As an employer with a great reputation we do not experience labour difficulties and we are proud of the fact that we able to stay on track with the schedule of works.


Here is some good independent advice about how to choose a good builder (including Tara) for your project.


Perhaps you are thinking about a garage conversion - we can do that for you - here is what you need to know:


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