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Or info@taraplumbing.co.uk

Or telephone us on 01843 607192

When you contact us for a quote for any renovation work it is helpful if you can give some indication of your budget. This will mean we can suggest on budget solutions and tell you what is and is not possible within your financial constraints. You can see that we have a 5 tier guide to bathroom renovations on our bathroom price page.

We are based in Kent but work across London and the south east.

How we work:

* We will visit the property to provide a quotation.

* We will send you a detailed written quotation with Terms & Conditions a few days later.

* We will wait for you to contact us if you would like to confirm a booking.

* We treat potential clients with the respect in the same way that we would like to be treated.

What we do NOT do:

* We will not give you a price or ask you to commit to having the work done when we are in your home.

* We do not offer discounts for booking quickly.

* We do not phone you to offer you a lower price if you do not accept our first price.

* We do not use hard sales tactics.


Telephone: 01843 60 71 92 | e-mail: info@taraplumbing.co.uk