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Walls & Floors in Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Wall and floor coverings can be a major expense, the single most expensive part of your room, so they should be used effectively to create the WOW factor, such as sparkling granite tiles in your bathroom and stone on your kitchen floor. The choice of materials is huge. We also need to consider splash-back areas around sinks and hobs.

Stone or ceramic tiles are certainly not the only options even for splash back areas. Splashbacks can be either marble, granite, plastic, glass, mirror, or just about any water repellent, easy to clean material. You can think adventurously and discuss ideas with our designer, we will consider both the aesthetics and the practical issues.

Under Floor Heating?

Do you want UFH? It is particularly popular in our bathrooms and you need to bear this in mind when choosing flooring.

Marble or Granite?

We regularly work with stone, granite and marble for bespoke bathrooms. Those looking for something unique often find what they are looking for at the Canterbury based Kent Tile Centre on the A28 and our other main supplier Canterbury Stone & Marble. Marble is a wonderful metamorphic rock created under great pressure when buried deep in the earth but it can be difficult to look after in a hard water area such as ours. Granite is completely different, it was made in a volcano and is far easier to keep clean, removing limescale from granite is easy.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very popular and many of our clients find their tiles at chain stores such as Topps Tiles or independent retailers.

Vinyl & Resin Alternatives to Tiles

Hard wearing, beautiful vinyl and resin floors are also popular. They are low maintenance and may be less slippery when wet. They no longer have to look either cheap or industrial.

Tiles (stone or ceramic) are possibly the most popular choice for walls and floors in bathrooms currently. Certainly the tilers we employ do not seem in danger of running out of work. You can have tiles if you want to, they will look beautiful but they do have certain disadvantages and there may be other options.

Altro is one of many alternatives which we might suggest for wall and floor coverings. This should not be confused with cheap vinyl, yes it has the advantages associated with vinyl products, such as being easy to clean but has far more to recommend it.

This film introduces Altro:

This interview with the CEO of Altro

is very interesting:


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